HIPPA-Compliant Mobile and Web Application

Recruiting, tracking, data collection, communication and 
risk management – all wrapped up into a single collaboration platform

      Product Architecture

The product architecture is based on:

  Configurable study protocol

   Study specific editable content

   Role-based user permissions


Top reasons for using a Proven Product Platform for

  Clinical Research Studies

Set up your study to match the protocol – and use the dashboards to track progress.


  interfaces with popular third parties, including SurveyGizmo and Twilio

  HL7 Integration to EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems

  Integration to third party Allscripts


  Cloud based SaaS application

  Multiple architecture configurations to support single study, multi-study and enterprise needs

  iOS and Android mobile apps for patient/participant electronic data capture and communication

Intuitive Interface

  Custom branding and themes

  Add/remove staff members by role

  Manage custom fields

  Add study documents

  Edit/add message templates

  Add/update site profiles

 Key Features

  Role based login for all study investigators, clinicians, site coordinators

  Supports single, multiple and global site studies

  Single arm or multiple arm (i.e. intervention and control) treatment workflows

  Eligibility screeners and registration forms allow automatic study enrollment

 Includes surveys, quizzes, informational

screens and videos

  Electronic capture of outcome data

  Export status of all protocol activities

  Logs of all text, email and in-app communication

  Capture lab results

  Supports external content management portal

Integrate with powerful data analytics tools or export          study data into Microsoft® Excel® for further research

  Get a real-time view of study health and retention

  Visualize your data at multiple levels

  View metrics from the study protocol and trends

 Data Recording and Security

  HIPAA compliant – user anonymity guaranteed

  Audit trail of communication

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There is a lot going on in any clinical study. We have built an application to address the needs of a busy team of investigators collecting data for the most complex studies.




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