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      Complexities of Clinical Research

 Staying within budgeted cost while adhering to strict project timelines

There is a lot going on in any clinical study. Many research projects are funded by grants, which usually means a limited technology budget and a set duration to complete the project.

Burden of compliance

In addition, most research studies must follow specific protocols and maintain compliance with standards and regulations, including those required by HIPAA.

Participant data protection

While easy access to study data and metrics should be available to study administrators, participant data must be protected and kept confidential. Because of these challenges, most research projects still operate via paper documentation or expensive custom in-house-built applications.

 Paper Intensive Process

It’s been estimated that approximately 85% of complex studies are still managed on paper.

Retention of Participants

Interacting and retaining participants for the duration of the study is difficult in rural areas and large-scale studies.

 Data Confidence

Ensuring the integrity of data, protocol adherence and consistent processes are a struggle for multi-site study teams.

A Custom Collaboration Platform for  Clinical Research Teams

Softura’s Clinical Study Insight cloud-based application tackles these challenges:

  Onboarding of participants

  Communication with sites and participants

  Surveys to capture outcome data

   Real-time analytics

   Management of clinical activities and lab results

   Calendar management for onsite or telemedicine visits

   Improving retention and protocol compliance

Softura has 15+ Years for Research Application Development

Clinical software for nurses in a care setting

   Hands—versions 1.0 and 2.0

   Study/awareness for chemo spills

Clinical software for tracking patient provider practices

   Wound care management

   Web-based treatment tracker for clinicians and PTs

   OB/GYN Practice Management

Clinical software for university research projects

   Cancer care study

   HIV and ATN network studies

   Adolescent/teen behavior, risks and prevention

   Single participant and couple/family-based participant studies

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There is a lot going on in any clinical study. We have built an application to address the needs of a busy team of investigators collecting data for the most complex studies.




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